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Diesel generator set daily maintenance can prolong service life

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-26
Diesel generator set use for a long time or suggest use place after a long time all need maintenance, to maintain the performance of the diesel generator set, generator to keep good state. Here is a case example, a customer of diesel generating sets due to the use of long time without doing regular maintenance of some topic, as well as the maintenance process. Do generator maintenance mainly include these steps, the first maintenance is important at refueling before starting the generator should be through the oil filling. Engine should be placed in a horizontal position during the filling and observe the generator oil changes. Generator requires the use of multi-grade viscosity oil because of multistage oil viscosity is suitable for the job with wider range of temperature and rate than single stage viscosity oil about 30% lower. Add oil to wait for a while to see generator oil the oil level on the scale. The principle diagram of the diesel generator set is in the flow of oil is seen after the oil sump oil level is correct value. Each oil filter should be filled with clean engine oil, and then you can load on the engine. The performance of the engine oil level represents the level of engine oil additive, maintain generator only choose enough grades of oil, to ensure that the generator in the whole oil change cycle can be reliable protection. Second, the maintenance of generator should pay attention to before starting to refill coolant. Filling, should open the upper engine cooling system of air relief valves, slowly the coolant from the cooling water tank filler added to the engine, until no air bubbles from the eduction in vent valve again. Coolant to the cooling water tank filler neck will be listed below, shoulds not be too full. After the cleaning of the generating set, as a result of the generator placed for a long time, it is easy to accumulate dust. Residue affect the normal work of the generator and diesel, so we should regularly to their style, clean water and so on, to boot check regularly in order to ensure the normal operation of the generator. More content: generator accessories at https://www. xsapower。 com/
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