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Diesel generator set exhaust smoke is not normal

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-07
Diesel generator set, when the load is running normally exhaust smoke color light gray, slightly heavier load, may be to dark grey ( In a short period of time running or allowed) 。 Exhaust smoke is not normal here refers to smoke exhaust smoke, blue or white smoke. Exhaust smoke, said incomplete combustion. Blue smoke coming exhaust says more oil into the combustion chamber and combustion. White smoke said diesel oil droplets in the combustion chamber is not burning. Exhaust smoke color abnormal fault causes and elimination methods see table number failure phenomenon causes elimination method 1 exhaust smoke ( 1) Diesel engine to drive the load exceed the design rules. ( 1) Adjust the load, make in the design range. ( 2) Each cylinder fuel injection pump oil is not uniform. ( 2) Each cylinder oil to adjust, to uniform. ( 3) Incorrect valve clearance, valve seal line contact undesirable. ( 3) Check valve clearance, valves, valve springs and seal, and eliminate defects. ( 4) Injection too late, the part of the fuel combustion in diesel engine exhaust pipes. ( 4) Adjust the injection advance Angle. White smoke coming 2 exhaust nozzle spray, drip phenomenon. Bad atomizing fuel injection pressure is low. Diesel injector nozzle is checked, if the seal bad, replace the nozzle, check the injection pressure, adjust to the specified requirements. Blue smoke coming 3 exhaust ( 1) Air filter blocking, poor air intake, or filter the oil too much. ( 1) Check the air cleaner, depending on the cause of the problem to clean or reduce the oil to the plane. ( 2) Piston ring stuck or excessive wear, lack of elasticity, make the oil into the combustion chamber. ( 2) Clean the piston ring, if necessary, replace the new piston rings.
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