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Diesel generator set is the key to the regulation of power failure analysis

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-07
Lack of diesel generating set power output is called diesel engine with fixed load without power, for this kind of failure should begin from the basic working principle of the diesel engine is analyzed, should check whether the volume, injection quantity is enough, combustion process is normal, the compression pressure is big enough, step by step analysis, find out the cause of the problem, and eliminated, see the table below. Failure phenomena, the cause of the problem in elimination method insufficient power exhaust smoke ( 1) And the inlet and exhaust valve-train system failure. (1) inlet and exhaust valve with radial clearance is not correct. 1) check and adjust the clearance to the regulations. (2) the valve timing is not correct. (2) check and readjust the valve timing. (3) damage of valve spring. 3. Replace the valve spring. (4) the valve sealing surface leakage formation. (4) remove carbon deposit, grind the valve. (5) air filter blocking. 5. Clean air filter. 6 the exhaust pipe and silencer carbon deposit is serious, the exhaust. 6. Remove carbon deposit. Compression ( 2) Insufficient compression pressure cylinder cover and the body seal leak, the its performance in variable speed there is a stream of air flow from the gasket. 1) In accordance with the provisions, torque tighten nut; 1) Cylinder cover large nut loose; 2) Check the cylinder head and the body joint face, replace the gasket. 2) Damage of cylinder head gasket. (2) cleaning maintenance. (2) ring sticking, valve rod biting is not flexible. 1) Replace the gasket; (3) cylinder cover injector hole leakage. 2) Cleaning up a hole; 1) Fuel injector cap nut copper gaskets damage. 3) Tighten the fuel valve cap nut or ground plane. 2) Fuel injector hole plane not clean; 3) Combination of the nozzle and the fuel injector body damage of leakage. Water temperature is too high, 3) Diesel engine overheat ( Cooling and lubricating system failure) Maintenance cooling and lubrication system and removing scale in the water jacket, cleaning oil cooler oil supply is not normal, 4) Fuel system failure (1) fuel system into the air; 1) according to the foregoing will let out the air in the fuel oil system; (2) for fuel pump failure; (2) repair or replace the couple; (3) a fault injector. (3) repair or replace injector matching parts.
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