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Diesel generator set maintenance knowledge

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-17
Diesel generating set is a kind of independent discontinuous operation of power generation equipment, its main function is to provide emergency power supply in power failure. Generating set, in fact, most of the time in standby state, the less chance of actual operation, so the lack of a perfect means of detection and maintenance. But diesel generator that is indispensable to the emergency standby power equipment, and can play an important role in the critical moment time. How to do generator set the boot on the premise of less at ordinary times, and when the emergency power supply timely and safe and reliable operation, after the blackout emergency task can immediately shut down again, need to diesel generator has a good knowledge of maintenance. In this paper, three common methods, in order to help you better grasp the knowledge of diesel generator maintenance. Check the battery as backup power supply, diesel generating set is not often put into use in everyday, generator start properly, maintenance is the key determinant of battery. Battery pack will have a problem with voltage and current of the fault. This situation could hear the quick sound activated within the electromagnetic valve and motor, but no drive shafts. Battery problems lead to can't stop, because at the time of commissioning with the method of the stop for the battery, and result in inadequate battery. At the same time, if the mechanical pump by the belt transmission, rated speed when the pump oil amount is very big, but the battery power is insufficient, will cause downtime when shut off valve spring leaf due to electromagnetic valve in the suction is not and cannot be shut out of the four oil hole jet fuel, can't stop. There is also a situation may be ignored is that domestic short battery life, probably in about two years, such as forget change regularly, also can appear this kind of situation. Check the startup electromagnetic valve generating set at run time, can see, hear, touch, smell to inspect the unit operation. Method at startup by listening to original cummins generator as an example, three seconds later, press the start button to start. In three seconds of start-up process, under normal circumstances can be heard the click of the two. If only hear the first ring and did not hear the ring, you need to check the starting electromagnetic valve is working correctly. Manage diesel fuel and lubricating oil for diesel generator in static for a long time, the unit itself is with the oil of various materials, cooling water, diesel oil, air and other complex chemical and physical changes, which will have a recessive on generators, but lasting damage. We can from two aspects of diesel oil and lube oil management for the maintenance of diesel generator set. Note diesel save location: diesel tank should be placed in an airtight room, on the one hand is for the sake of fire safety system, on the other hand, also in order to ensure that diesel deterioration will not occur. Because the water vapor in the air because of the change of temperature of condensation, condensation water droplets together after will hang attached to the tank wall, if into diesel, will lead to diesel excess moisture content, water content of excessive amounts of diesel oil into diesel engine high pressure oil pump, will gradually rust parts of unit, the rust will important influence on the performance of precision coupling, if affected will damage the whole unit. Pay attention to the lubricating oil storage life: generator lubricating oil is a shelf life, long time storage will make its physical and chemical properties change, metamorphic lubricating oil can make the unit work after lubrication condition deteriorated, generator parts are produced by the risk of damage.
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