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Diesel generator set oil sump oil higher plane solution

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-02
After the normal operation of the diesel generating set, the oil sump oil plane is the original join rises, mainly because of cooling water into the engine oil, engine oil is floating yellow bubble, can take out the part of the oil from the oil pan is put in the glass, let stand for 1 hour, observe the bottom have far precipitation water to identify. The cause of the problem and elimination method, column shown in the table below. Serial number failure phenomenon causes elimination method 1 oil higher plane the hydrosphere sealing damaged under the jacket. Replace the seal hydrosphere. 2 cylinder bore fracture ( At this time the moisture from the exhaust increased and together) 。 Replace the cylinder cover. 3 cylinder pad damage. Replace the gasket. 4 water cooled oil cooler core damage, make the cooling water into the oil ( Take out the water to see if there is a spray) 。 Repair or replace the cooler core. 5 jacket and the body joint leakage. Check the cylinder jacket shoulder and copper gasket between the body is damaged, replacement of new parts when necessary. 6 cylinder jacket for corrosion, has a small hole lead to leakage. Replace the cylinder jacket. 7 pumps in water leakage into the oil pan ( 1) Water pump shaft and water seal leakage. ( 1) Maintenance and replacement of water seal sealing surface grinding. ( 2) Water pump seal water damage of rubber band. ( 2) Replace the sealing rubber ring.
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