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Diesel generator set price and cost analysis

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-01
Diesel generating set is widely used as emergency standby power to, for the vast number of users of different industries, the price of diesel generating sets, standby power is standby, rarely use it, only in the case of sudden emergency would use it, but without it. Because its price is higher, so the customers before buying generator set will be the price of it and use of costs with its comprehensive analysis, the final decision whether it is necessary to purchase a generator set, or buy what kind of grades of diesel generator. We can according to the above ideas from two aspects of price and cost analysis, hope to be of help. A first diesel generating set, diesel generator set price analysis includes two parts of diesel engine and generator. Diesel generator set price for the brand and configuration of this two parts of different and different, the same brand diesel engine, the power of the same circumstances, to pay attention to the different generator, choose a different generator is the whole performance of the diesel generator set is different, it is important to the performance of the diesel generator set, so the user diesel generating sets to be cautious when the choose and buy, can according to their own requirements to undertake advisory to diesel generator set sales staff, so as to choose matching generators. Second, the price of diesel generating set and diesel generating sets of materials has a direct relationship. Now, with the market raw materials such as steel and copper prices, the price of diesel generating set is rising, especially the last winter, mains in short supply, many northern area has emerged the phenomenon of electricity, which makes the price of diesel generator set and litres. Moreover, diesel generating sets is made up of many parts, running water production line technology is complex, so the whole set of diesel generator set manufacturing cost is higher. Later, remind the customers to buy diesel generator set certain common power and standby power, when you need the price and the power of the diesel generator set have very big concern, many agents filled with small, so it is important to pay special attention to when buy. Second, the diesel generator set using cost analysis is generally not buy back the commonly used diesel generator set. As the standby power supply or have to) will use him. 1 is the average kilowatt-hour blocks 5, compared with the mains, of course, is not cost-effective. But diesel generating sets have their own advantages, which is able to emergency, in order to avoid unnecessary accidents and economic losses.
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