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Diesel generators to smoke

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-07
Diesel engine exhaust smoke is not fully burning, under the condition of high temperature decomposition of carbon emission of a phenomenon. Exhaust smoke, not only reduces the engine power, increase the diesel oil consumption, and easy to form carbon deposit, shorten the service life of the engine. Reasons are as follows: (1) lack of fresh air in the cylinder causes: ( 1) Air cleaner filter dust too much; ( 2) Mufflers rust, carbon deposit or grease. ( 3) Inlet and exhaust valve clearance is too large, reduce the valve opening; ( 4) Instruments loose body parts, wear and deformation, the camshaft gear and the crankshaft timing gear, the relative position of the valve opening and closing time is not correct. Second, the temperature and pressure at the end of the cylinder compression: (why 1) Cylinder, piston ring wear too much, piston rings installed incorrectly or lose elasticity cylinder gas leakage; ( 2) Valve clearance is too small, hot car was top open easily, or sealed cylinder valve ablation, carbon deposit is lax; ( 3) Cylinder head and the body, injector and cylinder head joint surface leakage; ( 4) Valve serious subsidence, piston and piston pin, piston pin and connecting rod small head, big end and the connecting rod journal clearance is too large, make the combustion chamber volume increases, compression ratio decreased. Three, diesel spray: (bad reasons 1) Fuel injector low pressure adjustment; ( 2) Fuel injector pressure regulating spring break or credit card; ( 3) Fuel injector needle valve and valve seat coke, needle binding or wear nothing; ( 4) Fuel injection pump delivery valve decompression band wear ranks, make the fuel injector drip. Four, the fuel supply time and the oil is not correct reason is: ( 1) Fuel delivery time is too late; ( 2) Starting early, low gas pressure and temperature, fuel supply time prematurely; ( 3) Fuel injection pump plunger matching parts wear increase delivery stroke after use; ( 4) Regulated fuel injection pump gear rod or lever stroke is too big, so that too much oil.
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