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Efficiency of the gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-24

power generation efficiency 35 - gas generator 40%, generally divided into steam turbine gas generator and diesel power generation, general gas generator set adopts reciprocating piston type internal combustion engine efficiency highest, yan Bach, foreign brands such as power generation efficiency, summer in 38 - commonly 40%, domestic JiChai brand do the best, in 35 - commonly 38%.

the gas turbine power generation, generally a combustion efficiency of gas turbine power generation for 28 - 30%; Secondary steam power generation efficiency in 15 20%.

so, power generation efficiency usually at 30% - gas generator Common models generally can reach 40%, 35%. Gas internal combustion engine has the advantage of power generation efficiency is higher, the second is the integration of the equipment are high, fast installation. The dust in the gas demand is not high, basic don't need water, equipment unit kw cost is relatively low.

common gas generator rated power generation efficiency, if it is imported gas generating set is commonly 38% & ndash; 42%, the actual efficiency of indigenous generating units is 30% & ndash; 35%.

in addition to the need to know about the gas consumption of gas generator set, also need to make sure the following questions:

1) per KWH energy equal to 3. 6MJ。

(2) the use of natural gas calorific value is how much, general is 8300 kcal & ndash; Between the 8500 calories ( $34. 7 - 35. 乔丹6日) , but in recent years, companies are using technology to reduce gas heating value, gas calorific value to 35 mj per cubic metre.

(3) determine the generator power generation efficiency, When the power is 700 kw) 40%,

calculation is as follows: 700 & divide; ( 35÷ 3. 6× 40%) ≈ 180

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