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Electric start to form a common fault gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-03
Electric start to form a gas generator common faults: serial number failure characteristics and the reasons causing elimination method 1 to start the motor does not turn, 1) Cable poor contact cleaning and spin thread (shortly 2) Poor contact start the motor after find out short circuit parts repair, 3) Battery charging or inadequate capacity is too small to recharge batteries used in parallel, or add or should change new battery, 4) Electromagnetic switch touch point contact bad check switch contact with burning on polished starting motor idling no motive force (2 1) Brush, wire head contact undesirable or desoldering clean surface, welded or replacement ( 2) Bearing sleeve wear new ( 3) Local field winding and armature winding short-circuit find out short circuit repair parts ( 4) Electromagnetic switch contact singeing, poor contact check switch contact, and burning on polishing ( 5) Battery charging or inadequate capacity is too small, as well as the starter motor circuit charging pressure drop is too big or update, increase the conductor cross section or shortening the length of the 3 starting motor gear and flywheel ring gear tooth on the head or starting motor gear to back out: ( 1) Center for starter and flywheel ring gear is not parallel to install the starter, clear parallel phenomenon (not 2) Electromagnetic switch contact burn together check switch contact and sanding singeing unevenness 4 smooth starting button off, starting motor work: ( 1) Electromagnetic switch contact and connection screw burning fast repair ( 2) Starting motor adjusting screw not adjust to readjust five charging generator power or current is very small: ( 1) Silicon diode, field coil and rotor coil replacement and repair or open circuits ( 2) Good excitation circuit open circuit or short circuit connection has broken wires ( 3) Wear or triangular rubber belt tension is insufficient to replace or adjust the tension, 4) Charging current meter damage in new ( 5) Line wrong check and to correct the wrong line (6 charging current instability 1) Carbon brush fouling, wear, or poor contact, lack of carbon brush spring pressure surface cleaning, weld or replacement ( 2) Silicon diode pressed in loose with the radiator component replacement ( 3) Regulator desoldering replace internal element ( 4) Triangle rubber belt loose to adjust the tension, 5) Tighten loose line terminal maintenance 7 charging current is too large, high voltage, generator fever ( 1) Magnetic field wiring short circuit or magnetic field coil turn-to-turn short circuit inspection ( 2) Rotor winding short circuit, and the stator scratches maintenance, use the file file to a collision surface ( 3) Adjust the voltage is too high to replace 8 generators have noise ( 1) Loose bearing replacement (or rupture 2) Rotor and stator encounter with file file to a collision surface is not the battery charger, can not output large current and the pressure drop is very big, white crystal (on the plate Lead sulfate) Special processing 10 battery charging when the temperature is high, low voltage, low proportion. Charging small or dip the end of late that sediment storage battery internal short circuit at the bottom of the storage battery as a result of too much cause short circuit, can the battery discharge, pour out of the electrolyte, after repeated washing with distilled water in charge. As for other reasons should open it replace diaphragm or plate, or send the factory repair
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