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Empty filter maintenance method of gas generator

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-18
Only regular maintenance of gas generator set, can prolong the service life of gas generator set. Let's look at some of the gas generator set empty filter maintenance method. The engine must be equipped with air filter under the condition of use, such as air filter indicator alarm, should clean or replace the air filter element. 1, check the transmission belt: to check whether there is crack adhesive tape, such as longitudinal and transverse crack, flake or materials such as wear of belt, adhesive tape should be changed. Measuring the deflection of the adhesive tape of the large span. Large deflection should not be greater than 13 mm. If there are any tape tension meter, can be in the tape big span measuring the tension, tension limit is 360 ~ 490 n. 2, replace the coolant filter: vehicle stop running after, be sure to wait after cooling fluid temperature below 50 c, can remove the radiator and water cover. Before change the coolant filter closed in and out of the water shut off valve, in order to prevent the hot coolant spray hurt! Remove the coolant filter seat sealing surface of filtering and cleaning. First filter sealing rubber gasket surface with a layer of thin oil and coolant filter installation, tightening torque 24 & plusmn; 2N. M, after the installation, be sure to open the gas generator cooling fluid filter in and out of the water shut off valve, water radiator cover on reload. More content: gas generator gas generating set at https://www. xsapower。 com/
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