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Engine gas generator outage

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-15
Gas generator engine parking description: the main gas generator on the market for natural gas generator, biogas generator set, gas generator set, gas generator set, coke oven gas power plant this several types, the gas generator has a gas engine parking like now, now for the parking. 1. Unload before gas engine stop, open the high speed switch to low gears idle running about 10 minutes, and then the gas generator gas valve is closed, the gas engine stop, shut down power supply, gas generator can can not will soon be under full load gas engine stop, to prevent overheating. 2. Run cold area and need to stop, at a stop immediately after opening the body side gas generator, fresh water pump, oil cooler and the radiator and water drain valve, cooling water is put in order to prevent the frost crack. If use antifreeze liquid cooling when you don't need to open the drain valve. 3. To be stored for a long time of gas engine, in a park, the original use of the oil should be put off, change in seal oil, running about 2 minutes to seal again.
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