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Engine oil gas generator temperature, water temperature too high

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-25
Gas generator engine oil temperature is too high, consumption is too big: serial number failure characteristics and the reasons causing elimination method 1 oil temperature readings than specified value, strengthen after cooling is still higher, at the same time, the exhaust smoke ( 1) Engine load overweight reduced load ( 2) Oil cooler or radiator blocking cleaning or radiator oil cooler ( 3) Cooling water or insufficient attention to make the cooling water flow and fan air volume adjustment triangle rubber belt tension to the pump and fan speed ( 4) Oil capacity is insufficient filling the oil to the provisions of plane 2 oil sump oil drop quickly, oil color is black, ventilation tube filler take white smoke. Blue smoke coming exhaust: ( 1) Use the oil brand improper selection rules brands ( 2) Piston ring stuck or wear ranks, cylinder liner wear nothing makes the oil into the combustion chamber, gas into the crankcase piston ring replacement, if necessary, change the cylinder jacket ( 3) Piston oil ring oil return hole is clear carbon block carbon or replace oil ring ( 4) Long-term low load running increasing load gas generator engine water temperature is too high: serial number failure characteristics and the reasons causing elimination method with air in 1 pipe, outlet pipe after the engine starting not or very little water, water temperature rising to loosen the thermometer on the outlet pipe joints, lets try our air to water flow. Tighten the water in a joint 2 circulating water shortage; Under high load, the water temperature is too high, the oil temperature is raised, 1) Fresh water pump fan can't transfer velocity adjustment triangle rubber belt tension to the specified value ( 2) Fresh water pump impeller damage replacement ( 3) The large clearance adjustment of clearance between housing and fresh water pump impeller to the specified value ( 4) Add cooling water (the radiator water shortage 5) Conduit road block clean lines, clear away the fouling in the cooling water channel 3 radiator surface fouling too much, can affect remove fouling heat, clean surface section 4 probe failure replace 5 water thermometer is not correct to repair or replace 6 cylinder liner had cracks shoulder blade, the radiator cooling water have double bubble phenomenon in change of cylinder liner
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