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For the overall gas generator new shengan dynamic

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-05
Shengan overall description: gas generator power of gas gas generator motor, brushless generator, control panel and chassis of green ring is according to the different gas source gas engine in gas supply system, high-energy ignition system, electronic control system and a series of matching technology research and development. It has a good rigidity, high intensity of parts, the characteristics of compact structure, leading the technical performance, the special device and accessories are mostly imported device, leading to ensure that the engine performance, the characteristics of high reliability. Shengan H series gas gas generator power generator adopts brushless ac generator, the generator performance is advanced, high reliability. Control system adopts special gas generator control system, in addition to have stable output unit load function, is also equipped with automatic control and multilevel security protection function. In order to ensure its normal, prolong the service life of the unit, please read carefully the gas generator system instructions, and comply with the relevant rules and regulations, necessary technical training for operators.
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