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Gas can also be cold and hot electricity trigeneration

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-04
Cold and hot gas electricity trigeneration refers to natural gas as the main fuel to drive gas turbine or gas power generation equipment such as internal combustion engine generator running, generate electricity to meet user demand for electricity, discharge of the waste heat system through to the user heating, cooling, waste heat recycling equipment. After the cascade utilization of energy to make energy efficiency from 40% to 80% of conventional power generation system, a lot of save energy at a time. Cold and hot gas electricity trigeneration belongs to the distributed energy, is a kind of evolution and development of traditional cogeneration, it takes the form of unit more miniaturization, decentralized arrangement near the users, at the same time the output to the users of cold, heat, electricity. It began in the 1980 s development, now has become a mature technology way of energy supply. According to the scope of supply, trigeneration can be divided into regional and building type two kinds. Regional system is mainly aimed at all kinds of industrial, commercial, or large area such as science and technology park, equipment general capacity of the larger units, consider the outside network equipment of cold and hot electricity supply, often need to build an independent power supply center. Building type system is in view of the building has a specific function, such as office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, and some complex, generally it takes only a smaller unit, machine room often decorate inside the buildings, without considering the network construction.
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