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Gas ( Coalbed methane) What is power requirement

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-24
Gas (gas generator picture The coalbed methane) Common use is to generate electricity, the use of gas power generation has many advantages: first, to improve coal mine safety production conditions; The second is to make full use of the efficient gas clean energy; Third, can effectively protect the ecological environment, avoid damage to the environment gas emptying directly! , 46% of the coal mine in our country belongs to the gas, gas content is very big, but the amount of mine gas extraction in our country is not large, mine gas extraction rate of only 23% on average, and the United States, Australia and other main coal-producing countries extraction rate were over 50%, so the use of gas power generation in China has huge potential! Use of gas power generation need to meet certain conditions, we know that the gas main component is methane ( CH4) The combustible gas, it is a colorless, odorless, when the gas concentration in 5% 16% when, in the fire explode when concentration in September. 5% of the most powerful explosion, when the gas concentration is greater than 16%, meet fire, gas burning not only explosion, we use the gas generator to generate power, to attain the explosion range (the concentration of the gas source It is best to 9. 5%) , when the blast of chemical energy, the largest power generation efficiency is the highest. In addition to gas concentration, power generation of gas temperature, pressure, moisture content and granularity of impurities such as also to have certain requirements: when the gas temperature & le; 40℃; When gas pressure 3 ~ 20 kpa pressure change rate & le; 1 kpa / m◎H2S勒; 200毫克/ Nm3; When water content in the gas & le; 40g/Nm3; When impurities particle size & le; 5μ M, impurity content & le; 30 mg/Nm3 if higher sulfur and ammonia content in the combustible gas, will not only severe corrosion spark plug electrodes, and can make the oil of the acid value increase, the corrosion of the unit internal parts, easy to generate sediment at the same time, increase the engine wear and corrosion. Above is introduced some basic knowledge about the gas power generation, if you want to learn more about the gas generator set quotation, use and maintenance knowledge, please contact us: new shengan power technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD.
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