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Gas engine can't use the ordinary diesel oil CF - 4 and CH - The cause of the four

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-08

gas engine with LPG ( Liquefied petroleum gas) 、CNG( Compressed natural gas) As fuel engine, it features two educations difficult, main show is first: high temperature combustion chamber, the combustion of LPG and CNG produce big calorific value, higher than diesel engine dozens to several baidu; Second: high nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas, while the gas fuel for clean fuel, nitrogen oxides content is higher, but the gas emission will shorten the service life of the engine oil; Again: gas engine lubrication harder, diesel engine of diesel cylinder, valves have the effect of lubrication, gas cylinders and valves no lubrication, high temperature oil oxidation, sediment, influence the effect of the oil and service life. Gas engine unfavorable use ordinary diesel oil CF - 4 and CH - 4 as lubricating oil, and should use special gas oil.

CF - 4 and CH - 4 the difference between their emissions standards, use scope, level and price:

1, the discharge standards is different: CH - Emissions standards than the CF - 4 4 is higher.

2, use different: CF - 4 is suitable for high speed, four-stroke, natural air intake or equipped with diesel engine turbocharger, CH - 4 used in high speed, four-stroke diesel engine and conforms to the United States in 1998 emissions standards and the use of sulfur content less than 0. 5% of the fuel.

3, different levels: CH - Higher than that of CF - 4 level 4. C, diesel, F/H on behalf of the gasoline. At the back of the letter after the lower level is higher.

4, the price is different: CH - Price higher than that of CF - 4 4.

gas engines use the ordinary diesel oil CF - 4 and CH - 4 can cause certain harm to the equipment: the gas combustion temperature is high, the cause of the rapid growth of the oil viscosity, acid value, sediment increases, use the ordinary diesel oil CF - 4 and CH - 4 can make ordinary oil oxidation too rapidly, affected by high temperature viscosity or color change rapidly; Easily after oxidation, nitrification in engine parts form sediment; No lubrication, cleaning, gas fuel itself unable to prevent the carbon deposition, spark plug ordinary oil cannot solve caused by dry gas valve wear and closed lax; Gas engine exhaust gas contains large amounts of nitrogen, make ordinary oil nitration, generates a large amount of sludge, blocking harmful material such as oil or generate film; Under the action of high temperature, the oil of high ash additive can easily generate hard sediment in the surface of engine parts, engine parts caused by wear, produce valve carbon deposition, cause the engine detonation, ignition and valve spray fire, not in time which brings the problems such as weakness, engine power instability and lead to shorten engine life.

for gas, it from two aspects of base oil and additives to improve the high temperature stability of the oil and antioxidant ability, keep the lasting effective lubrication oil ability; Using new low ash content in gas engine oil formula, effectively avoid produced by oil ash in engine wear and tear caused by sediment, keep the engine steady working condition; Gas engine oil contains unique ingredients in effective protective film is formed on the engine valve, valve seat, avoid valves wear and maintain strong engine power. Gas engine oil which contain efficient clean dispersion, avoid the formation of oil sludge, reduce sediment, to ensure that the engine parts clean and oil flow; Gas engine oil film forming ability is strong, can in the engine starting, the exercise, such as the work condition to provide comprehensive and open the anti-wear protection.

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