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Gas engine installation and connection

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-15
Gas generator engine bracket and foundation: the engine gear and flywheel shell on both sides of the four mounting bracket, bracket of each two 16 mm diameter hole is drilled, the available corresponding bolt is fixed on the basis, the installation of the engine base, according to the using situation of the users, with different structure forms, generally USES reinforced concrete. Engine was laid the foundation of the base to be solid and reliable, supporting face should level off, and the engine mounting bracket available adjustment gaskets pad, conditional can be installed in basic level guide rail, the engine support and connection with base or other mat iron base. Gas generator engine assembly every three or four rings on the engine, can withstand the full weight of the engine, chain hoist or other lifting tools should be used when lifting, but must pay attention to the stress from the chain to the thin shell parts and instrument parts. Gas generator engine inlet and exhaust pipe external: admission line is equipped with air filter, when extended inlet pipe is used, it must have enough inlet cross section, and shoulds not be too long, or a sharp turn, otherwise it will increase the air intake resistance, thus affecting the performance of engine. In addition, must pay attention to the intake pipe sealing, otherwise will cause the engine wear quickly. Engine exhaust exit on the connecting flange, engine exhaust pipe to outdoor or underground pipelines, shoulds not be too long, or a sharp turn, his elbows should not be more than 3, to take over the inside diameter should not less than 100 mm, lest increase exhaust back pressure, reduce the power output, exhaust back pressure should not be commonly more than 2. 94 kpa。 In the external pipe position should be equipped with corrugated pipe, pipe support and exhaust temperature measuring joint gas generator engine power output devices such as: engine power output by the flywheel end, mechanical drive work. When using the ban on flywheel installed directly pulley transverse drag machines, so easy to damage the crankshaft and main bearing. Such as the need for horizontal drag, the other set to adapt to the horizontal drag device, don't make the engine crankshaft and main bearing directly under transverse force. When the shaft coupling machine, machine center line and the center line of the crankshaft should be in a straight line, such as using elastic coupling, the coaxial degree should not be greater than zero. 30 mm, if use rigid coupling, the coaxial degree should be greater than zero. 10毫米
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