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Gas engine unit ALTRONIC Ⅲ magneto ignition system is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-08
12 v series gas engines also use ALTRONIC Ⅲ magneto ignition system, the system is mainly composed of magneto, low voltage cable, high voltage cable, ignition coils, spark plug and ignition switch. ALTRONIC Ⅲ magneto for contactless, no spark appeared during the operation, meet the explosion-proof requirements, the output voltage is 160 - 180 v ( 做的。 ) 1. The structure of the magneto ignition magneto is assigned by the ac motor, gear, sensor coil, electronic switch, timing distribution arm, capacitor, driven plate and other parts. The section structure is as follows: the structure of the magneto 1. Drivers disk 2. Alternator. 3. Distribution of gear 4. Sensor coil 5. SCR electronic switch 6. 7 timing distribution arm. Capacitors from A direction, the direction of rotation is counterclockwise, driving rotating three times to complete the engine of A work cycle, which he and crankshaft speed ratio is 1. 5-1, alternator provide low voltage electrical energy stored in the capacitor. When there is a reduction gear drive rotation timing distribution arm, the sensor coil, is in order to inspire SCR electronic switch, the capacitor energy transfer to the ignition coil, the resulting high voltage spark plugs fire. 2. Before the installation and debugging magneto magneto, you first need to set the flywheel, the first cylinder in the ignition advance Angle position, ( Before the check point on 27 crankshaft Angle and 2) , magneto end is equipped with the observation hole, can see the shaft rotating red line mark and shell on the Cw and CCw letters below the red line mark ( The Cw said driven plate of the direction of rotation is clockwise, CCw has said for counterclockwise direction of rotation) 。 Then turn the magneto drive disc, make the red line mark alignment of the shaft rotating CCW red line mark, make the two red line into a straight line. Can the magneto installed, tighten the transmission device connecting two screws. Ignition advance Angle to approximate a at this moment, and then use the ignition timing light accurate calibration of ignition when asked. If the ignition advance Angle and the specified value is found not to conform, loose screw of two litres of magneto and transmission device, magneto along the axis of rotation. Magneto mountain middle position clockwise ( Look from the free end) Great location, ignition advance Angle lag about 5 crank shaft Angle. Otherwise, rotate counterclockwise to big position, the ignition advance Angle of about 5 crank Angle in advance, when the engine is running, connection of magneto 2 screws to ensure tight. In the process of ignition advance Angle adjustment, e. difference is too big, if the measured values and magneto transmission device to adjust the adjustment on the hole, can adjust the magneto drive gear. If the ignition advance Angle is too large, the counterclockwise ( Facing the magneto outlet end) Direction adjustment; If the ignition advance Angle is too small, the adjustment along the clockwise direction. Magneto position adjustment, then according to the above method to inspect, until meet prescribed standards.
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