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Gas generator body and cylinder liner is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-01
The body is made from high strength cast iron, to the tunnel structure. Two columns of cylinder body centerline Angle is 750, wrong cylinder from 45 mm. Block combined with group components as shown. In the natural gas generator set on both sides of the body has a view window and cover plate. Through the window below you can check the crankshaft, main bearing and connecting rod bearing, can tear open outfit connecting rod bolts and cover, and can unpick and wash oil pump oil absorption coarse mesh. Vent filter should maintain regular cleaning according to chapter iii engine technology, in case of poor ventilation and dust in the oil. The transmission system of the gas generator set the body front cover, front cover plate is in assembly adjusting transmission gear backlash and after the front axle and the alignment of front axle oil seal seat hole with hinge pins with the body. Have water drain valve in the body on the side of the left side. When the engine after parking, especially in the winter and cold environment should immediately open the drain valve to put away the body of the cooling water, in order to prevent the frosty body and cylinder liner, etc. The structure of the cylinder liner for typical wet cylinder liner, on its upper convex shoulder suspension positioning, convex shoulder under the plane bearing on the body, it also has a thick zero. 25 copper washers, in order to keep the cooling fluid sealing, convex shoulder below there is a cylindrical body cylinder hole of the positioning part, namely the positioning belt, cylinder liner under the bottom there is a positioning belt, between it and the body of cylinder hole with two zero type seal ring to achieve cooling fluid seal. Hydrosphere sealing after long-term use, such as when leakage is found, is due to the closure hydrosphere hardening or damage caused by loss of elasticity, therefore must be promptly replaced. Such as improper assembly, and also can cause deformation of cylinder liner and water leakage. Cylinder liner wear to a limit, or because of the outer wall to find the cavitation honeycomb hole depth exceeds Zmm, available tools to remove the new; Such as cavitation shallow hole, as long as the cylinder liner turned 90 installation relative to the original position, still can continue to use. New shengan power of science and technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. , is a long-term committed to the development of new environmental protection power equipment, production, sales and after sale is a body comprehensive high-tech enterprise company mainly produces gas generating set, diesel engine and diesel generator set, formed: biogas generator set, gas generator set, gas generator, biogas generator sets and other supporting units all series products.
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