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Gas generator cooling system is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-04
Gas generator cooling system, cooling system and classification (1 1) The cooling system of the cooling system is mainly composed of water pump, oil cooler, cold, heat exchanger ( Or the radiator) And cooling piping components. ( 2) The cooling system classification below 200 kw closed cooling using a single unit. 12 v190 series gas machine generally adopt dual cycle cooling system, points of high temperature cooling circulatory system and two kinds of cryogenic cooling circulation system. High temperature cooling circulatory system for working in high temperature cooling parts ( The body, cylinder liner, cylinder head) ; Cryogenic cooling circulatory system used to cool the parts (working in low temperature area Cold, oil cooler) 。 ( 3) Open loop and closed loop gas generating set with both open loop and closed cycle cooling structure. Open cycle unit refers to form a complete set of heat exchangers, cooling towers, cooling water is provided by external; Closed cycle unit refers to the radiator, fan and other devices, constitute independent internal circulation system.
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