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Gas generator engine fault phenomena

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-01
Because of a gas generator engine failure is caused by many factors, the part of the failure and the failure of working conditions, environmental conditions and each are not identical, so different faults have different performance. Have a kind of fault can be characterized by several kind of abnormal phenomenon. Therefore, to carefully analyze the judgement, find out the site and cause of the failure, in order to troubleshoot and repair of engine, ensure engine often is in good working condition. Gas generator engine anomalies usually meet is the following: 1) The chiming of the abnormal voice: if there is any abnormal, put guns, boasting sound, etc. 2) Action exception: if the engine is not easy to start, severe vibration of the work of the tow fixed load, etc. 3) Abnormal appearance: white smoke, black smoke, blue smoke coming engine; Throughout the oil, water, air, etc. 4) Temperature anomalies, such as oil and cooling water temperature is too high, bearing temperature, etc. 5) Abnormal smell: such as smell, focal flavour, smoke, etc. Judge fault, the general method of gas generator engine work, found to have abnormal phenomenon, must carry on the thorough investigation, find out fault condition, the analysis judgment, carefully find the site and cause of the failure. This requests us is good at using the principle and structure of knowledge, reasoning and analyzing through the phenomenon to find out the essence. General judgment fault reasons in accordance with the principle of the following: l) When natural gas generator set have abnormal phenomenon during engine operation, can be used to see, hear, touch, smell and so on comprehensive judgment which a part or which a system malfunction. See the readings in the instrument of a watch, exhaust smoke and the change of oil, gas and water; Listen with thin metal or wood handle screwdriver as a stethoscope hit the engine surface corresponding auscultation movement from a sound and its changes; Feel with a finger touch monitor the performance of the distribution agencies and other parts and engine vibration; Smell with a sense of smell, smell simultaneously. the ever abnormal smell. 2) When natural gas generator engine suddenly fails or has judged the cause of the failure, and failure will affect the engine work, should be timely stop it for checking. To not immediately find out the cause of the failure, can engine no-load running at low speed first, then observe analysis to find out the reason, in order to avoid more accidents. 3) When judgment is a bigger engine failure or natural to stop suddenly, namely should overhaul and maintenance in a timely manner. Correct analysis and determine the cause of the engine, and it is an important and meticulous work, should not be before did not find out the cause of the problem, indiscriminate split. Such not only can't eliminate the fault, and may cause new fault during reloading. New shengan power of science and technology ( Shandong) Co. , LTD. , is a long-term committed to the development of new environmental protection power equipment, production, sales and after sale is a body comprehensive high-tech enterprise; The company mainly produces gas generating set, diesel engine and diesel generator set.
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