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Gas generator engine had abnormal noise

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-01
Gas generator engine had abnormal noise elimination method: serial number failure characteristics and the reasons causing elimination method with firecracker sound (1 1) Adjust the mixing ratio (mixing ratio does not conform to the requirement 2) 2 the ignition advance Angle is wrong according to the regulations, the piston pin and connecting rod small head bushing hole with too loose; Running a slight and shrill noise, the noise is particularly clear when idle running change the connecting rod little head bushing made within the scope of the provisions of clearance 3 piston and cylinder liner gap is too big: when running in the wall of the cylinder body, heard the crash speed increases when the crash exacerbated replace piston or change according to the condition of wear jacket 4 gas generator engine connecting rod bearing wear makes the fit clearance is too large: running, the sound heard part within the crankcase, suddenly reduce speed heavy and powerful sound could be heard when overhauling gas generator set, engine bearings should be replaced when necessary 5 main bearing of crankshaft rolling radial clearance is too small, particularly acutely and shrill sound in operation, the noise when the valve is clearer. Rolling crankshaft main bearing radial clearance is too large, running a flash in the sound check a noise rolling bearing, when necessary, should be replaced before and after 6 crankshaft thrust bearing wear, the axial clearance is too large, lead to the crankshaft both before and after the swimming: the engine running down, heard the clash of crankshaft swimming before and after checking the axial gap and the degree of wear and tear of thrust bearing, 7 broken valve springs should be replaced when necessary, tappet, push rod sleeve wear: a slight tapping rhythmically in cylinder head replacement of damaged parts, the school 8 gas generator engine valve touch piston valve clearance: a heavy and uniform in cylinder head of operation, rhythmic beat, a finger gently knead a collision of cylinder head cover nut feel remove the cylinder head cover, check the touching one another reason, adjust the valve clearance. Check piston type adjustable wrong when necessary. If there is a collision, can increase the thickness of 0. 20 mm or 0. 40 mm, shape the same as the cylinder head bottom copper sheet 9 transmission gear wear and tear, the backlash is too large; Abnormal sound on the front cover, when suddenly slow down can adjust backlash heard the crash, according to the condition of wear gear replacement between 10 rocker arm adjusting screw and putting the ball seat without oil, dry friction in the cylinder head heard frizz to be removed from the cylinder head cover, add note oil inlet and exhaust valve clearance is too large: in the cylinder head heard larger rhythmic sound heavy school valve clearance
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