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Gas generator engine ignition system is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-01
Gas generator engine ignition system is introduced: 12 v135adt gas engine chosen is ALTRONICCD200 engine ignition system, the system is mainly composed of ignition module, magnetic sensor, ignition timing, ignition coil, input and output beam of wiring harness and other parts. Ignition system working voltage in the range of 12 a 28 v, large instantaneous voltage of 32 v. Can use the rated voltage of 12 v or 24 v dc power supply. ALTRONICCD200 ignition controller appearance figure CD200 ignition system ignition by timing corresponding holes on the plate of the engine crankshaft position signal for electronic circuit implementation of CD20O ignition module. Each of the engine cylinder corresponds to a hole. CD200 ignition is by manual switch, analog signal input and engine speed and late adjustment. Regular dish, sensor installation and adjustment of regular disc is installed in the Angle of v-shaped arrangement of cylinder, with CAM shaft speed on the drive shaft. 12 cylinder machine use is 6 + 1 hole plate, the timing of six uniform hole to hole signal, and bore + l is the index, is located in a cylinder after the corresponding hole, used to indicate the beginning of the next cycle. Sensor fixed on the solid support, its installation thread for a 16 3/4 inch. Sensor installation position should ensure correct timing plate rotating induction on the hole. Ignition timing plate adjustment method is as follows: set the engine cylinder 12 in the ignition advance Angle position, 38 after the top dead center, and then the timing on zero Kong Zheng of sensor. If considering the electronic circuit system needed in the process of receiving and processing the input signal of reaction time, 12 cylinder can be set in the ignition advance Angle twice before. Adjust the sensor lock nut to keep the clearance between the sensor as follows: 0. 50mm± 0. 12mm。 After insert the plug of two core sensor CD200 sensors are input in special socket. Ignition system terminal 2. 1 power supply wiring CD200 ignition systems use 24 v dc power supply, dc power supply of the anode and the CD200 lose people harness the positive (red +) Line is connected, and the negative electrode of dc power supply and common ground to the engine block on the exterior of the ignition module. Note: in addition to the power supply cathode, don't put the ignition module shell and other electrical device is grounded in the same place in the engine block 2. 2 output wire of CD200 use two output wire output wire 1 and output wire 2. Each wire is responsible for the exhaust cylinder. Output wire 1 with 10 core box, with output connector 1 & quot; Connected by A, B, c, D, E, F, J, G lines. J thread for the grounding line ( Together with this line of ignition coil cathode grounding to the engine) ; G line for emergency stop line, note: G line must be guaranteed and ground, insulation, otherwise ignition system does not work. Output wire 2 & quot; With eight core box, connected to the output connector 2, by A, B, c, o, E, F, ( H) Line, together with this line of ignition coil cathode grounding to the engine block.
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