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Gas generator engine maintenance

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-28
Gas generator engine maintenance gas generator set proper maintenance, preventive maintenance, in particular, it is easy and economical maintenance, so is the key to prolong the service life and reduce the cost. First of all must be prepared to daily work, in the process of engine using gas generator according to the situation reflected by, timely make the necessary adjustments and repairs. Accordingly and shall be conducted with reference to the present chapter according to the content of the special working condition and use of different user experience, work out different maintenance schedule. Daily report generally has the following several aspects: the contents of each work all the time and date of; Traditional recording all the meter readings; The usage of power; For gas, oil and coolant leakage or loss; Exhaust smoke and have abnormal sound; And before and after treatment of the failure of opinion. Users should according to the maintenance projects listed in this section, the technology for regular maintenance. Routine maintenance (maintenance of classification is as follows: ) on a shift. : the level of technical service ( The accumulative working 100 h or every 5 days) ; Secondary technical service ( The cumulative work SO0h or every other month) ; Level 3 technical service ( Accumulative total working 1000 h, 1500 h or every two months) 。 , no matter what kind of service should be planned, step-by-step overhaul and installation, and reasonably use tool, the strength should be appropriate, after the collapse of the surface of the parts should be kept clean, and coated with anti-rust oil or grease to prevent rust. Pay attention to the relative position of detachable parts, not detachable parts of the structure characteristics, as well as the assembly clearance and adjustment method. At the same time should be kept clean complete engine gas generator and accessories.
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