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Gas generator gas engine electric butterfly valve using method

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-04
Method of use: electric butterfly valve gas generator gas engines of electric butterfly valves for explosion-proof type gas generator, and protection devices are linked together, the system plays an important role in safety protection. Its usage is as follows: ( 1) Gas engine in front of the boot, electric butterfly valve should be power on, and manually turn the electric butterfly valve to open position, make the electric butterfly valve is fully open, turn on the gas. ( 2) When the gas engine speed or low oil pressure alarm, electric butterfly valve will power, shut down automatically. ( 3) When the gas engine operating failure or room appeared dangerous situation, and manual will power electric butterfly valve, closing, to cut off the gas, the purpose of the emergency stop. ( 4) Gas engine is normal after downtime, electric butterfly valve power supply should be disconnected, reset, closed.
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