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Gas generator inlet pipe explosion door is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-21
Natural gas generator set using natural gas as a fuel engine, with necessary safety prevention and care measures: inlet pipe explosion door: adjusting nut 2 main intake pipe explosion door, spring 3, the valve stem 4, 5, seat seal 6, 7, valve cover nut 8, cover up to 9 parts. When the normal operation of the machine, spring 3 of elasticity is greater than the mixture of the pressure in the inlet pipe, make the cover 7 will seal compression on the seat of 5, 6 keep sealed. Such as the inlet pipe produce tempering, is the pressure inside the air inlet pipe, will open the valve stem leakage, rise to protect the purpose of the inlet pipe. Inlet pipe produce tempering, troubleshooting should immediately stop looking for reasons, eliminate the intake pipe after tempering, check the intake pipe explosion door, when seal 6 burn out or deformation is found, should be replaced in the recovery after installation, maintain good explosion door seal before driving. Inlet pipe explosion door opening pressure of 280 kpa, twisted adjusting nut 2 can adjust the opening pressure, have been adjusted when delivery from factory. Machine to work normally, the door should not have leakage phenomenon. Note: the engine work, inlet pipe blast door side person is prohibited.
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