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Gas generator power generation engineering required for each system is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-18
Power generation engineering required for each system gas generator is introduced: gas-fired power stations are divided into biogas plants, gas power plants, natural gas power plants and a key link in the process of coke oven gas power stations and other gas-fired power stations 1, transmission system is introduced in this paper: the main equipment have spirit pipeline, flame arrester, spread, pressure regulating valves, pressure butterfly valve, explosion-proof device, burning torch, storage tanks, etc. 2, purification system, dewatering, coke ( Coking plant, straw gas, coal gas, coal gas) , desulfurization, deamination 3, cooling system, Open) : the main equipment cooling tower, water pump, motor, pipes, valves, etc. 4, waste heat recovery system: the main equipment of waste heat boiler, soften water unit, pipe, valve, etc. 5, electrical parts ( Access to the Internet) : the main control panel equipment unit, low-voltage outlet ark, general distribution ark ( GGD) , transformers, high voltage, high and low voltage cables, lightning protection system, etc. 6, fire control, security, lighting system: the main equipment dry powder fire extinguisher, fire TuSha etc. 7, room ventilation system: the main equipment such as axial flow fan forced ventilation ( General closed workshop) 8, lightning protection grounding system. Biogas generator set, gas generator sets, gas generating set and coke oven gas generator set detailed consultation telephone: 400-6988-190.
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