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Gas generator set coal mine in yunnan

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-18
In yunnan in the existing problems in the development and utilization of coal gas, with the support of yunnan province economic commission, provincial MeiTanTing, energy conservation center actively introduce domestic new technology, promote the coal mine gas control and utilization of yunnan province. Last year, built in the first 500 kw gas generator set of yunnan, successful application of low concentration gas power generation technology to coal mine production. Generating units completed and put into operation, not only solved the gas drainage system operation cost, also brought considerable economic benefits, completely changed the status of the mine gas system into not only the output. Due to the effective use of gas, reduce the security hidden danger existing in the coal mine production. Achieved by using andpromote extraction, extraction and safety of coal mine virtuous cycle development. It is understood that so far, has been built 500 kw gas generator set 3. For the coal gas generator set power the new technologies promoted in the whole province, energy conservation center is formulating policies, determine the goal of promoting. Our company production of gas generator set adopts international advanced closed loop control technology, import TECJET gas control valves, can automatically adjust the air-fuel ratio, using thin combustion control technology, economy and emissions can significantly improve injection, pressure before the hybrid technology, can be suitable for methane gas, gas power generation is the device of choice.
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