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Gas generator set noise management matters needing attention

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-30
By the gas generator gas engines, generators, control cabinet and other components, gas engine and generator installed in the same steel chassis. Units with natural gas, associated gas, coal gas wellhead gas, water gas, refinery tail gas, methane gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas and other combustible gas as the fuel, start quickly, good economy, particularly due to the high quality demand of city life, gas generating set has been widely used in telecommunications, post office, bank, library, hospital, hotel and other departments, as a backup power supply. 1 source analysis of gas engine noise is main noise source of gas generator set, gas engine noise can be divided into the aerodynamic noise and combustion noise, mechanical noise and exhaust noise and vibration noise. Aerodynamic noise mainly includes inlet and exhaust and fan rotating vibration noise caused by air, this part directly to the airborne noise. The combustion in cylinder pressure vibration through the cylinder head, which is formed by the outward radiation noise of the body of the combustion noise; Piston impact of cylinder liner, jet valve-train system of the moving parts such as the impact vibration noise are collectively referred to as mechanical noise. Unit work, exhaust gas from high-speed rushed out of the exhaust valve, the exhaust manifold into the muffler, following from the stern tube into the atmosphere. Exhaust noise is the big noise of engine, often higher than the engine noise host 15 dB ( A) Left and right sides, the second combustion noise and mechanical noise, fan noise and intake noise. 2 transformation design based on the working principle of the gas generator is difficult to use methods of reducing the noise of a sound source to silencing, so mainly to effectively blocked its route of transmission noise. Silencing technology the core is the use of sound waves in the propagation law of natural attenuation to reduce noise pollution. Specific noise reduction methods have the following kinds: sound absorption, sound insulation and noise propagation direction. In practical engineering applications often use only one of these, this paper USES three methods and measures, in view of the gas generator set new combination of noise reduction technology are put forward. 2. A two-stage vibration isolation pad control machinery noise and combustion noise of effective way is to vibration isolation processing unit. Gas machine, generators and furnish composite vibration damping pads between steel chassis, chassis and foundation mat also between high damping rubber gasket. Through two-stage vibration isolation processing, not only the vibration of generating units are effective partition, and makes the unit running more smoothly, significantly reduce the overall noise. 2. 2 combination is given priority to with impedance muffler, muffler original muffler big power consumption, noise elimination effect is not ideal. After careful reasoning, noise reduction technology application level 3 combinations, transform the silencer for new type of composite muffler. The main components of the combined silencer has to sound vibration cavity, porous spray type silencing cover and acoustic insulation and sound absorption resonance plate, etc. Sound source through the first level of sound vibration chamber, spray can be thorough resistance noise energy dissipation in the low frequency of the source. Secondary porous type impedance can eliminate most of the high frequency noise silencing cover, increase the muffler adaptability to high frequency, and in the chamber is equipped with high efficient absorption material, but to fully absorb and change to the noise, thus big noise energy consumption as much as possible. The third with a sounding board for the specially designed exhaust pipe, further through the vibration of the thin silencing. After the test, the new muffler noise elimination, silencing frequency range ( To decrease the peak value of frequency range), And resistance loss of the three major indexes are better than the original muffler. Size is appropriate, in addition the muffler structure rigidity, convenient installation, and has the function of noise suppression regeneration. And the acoustic insulation layer is at the back of the anticorrosion performance, can effectively overcome the low temperature of flue gas dew point corrosion, prolong the service life of the muffler. 2. 3 silencing inlet unit work in a closed room, in a broad sense, air intake system including unit into the wind channel, and the engine air intake system. Intake channel and exhaust channel as directly connected with the outside world, the air flow is very big, the noise of the air flow noise and unit operation is the intake channel radiation outside. The noise of the engine air intake system is produced by into the periodic opening and closing of the valve and pressure fluctuation, formed by the noise frequency is in commonly 500 Hz frequency range. Set up two silencing inlet on room wall, respectively as room air inlet and engine air intake. Caused by exhaust air indoor negative pressure, make the cold air natural through silencing inlet into the room, will send out the body heat discharge smoothly. To ensure that the room you have plenty of fresh air. 2. 4 muffler exhaust duct fan noise is composed of rotating noise and vortex noise. Rotation noise generated by the rotating fan blade cutting air flow caused by the periodic disturbance. Eddy current noise is when the boundary layer separation on the blade section, the gas slippage or split into a series of vortex flow, which radiates a unsteady flow noise. Exhaust duct directly connected with the outside world, the air velocity is large, air flow noise, fan noise and mechanical noise via this channel radiation. In order to control the noise of the fan and the exhaust channel, designed a quieter exhaust duct. Deadened the noise of the exhaust duct length is larger, the conductivity of wind trough and cavity exhaust noise reduction. The working principle of the exhaust noise control cavity is similar to the resistance muffler. Can be replaced by sound-absorbing materials ( Change material sound-absorbing coefficient) , change the sound-absorbing material parameters such as thickness, exhaust channel length and width to improve the effect of sound attenuation.
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