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Gas generators to ensure safe operation of the inspection

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-22
1. Regularly check whether natural gas generating set three phase current balance. Three-phase asynchronous gas generator set, three phase current of any one phase current and the other two don't allow more than 10%, the difference between the phase current average in order to ensure the safe operation of the diesel generator set. If more than indicates malfunction with the diesel generator set, should find out the reasons for troubleshooting before you run. 2. Regular inspection and maintenance of natural gas generator set control equipment, guarantee the normal work the stand or fall of gas generator set control equipment technical conditions, gas generating set of the normal boot plays a decisive role. So, diesel generator set control equipment should be located in the position of the drying, ventilation, and easy operation, and dust collection on a regular basis. Often check contactor contact, coil, iron core, all wiring screws and so on are reliable, the mechanical parts movement is flexible, to keep its good technical state, thus ensuring gas generator set work smoothly without being burned. 3. Check in the operation of the diesel generator set temperature and the temperature rise is too high to check whether gas generator bearing overheating, lack of oil, if found near the bearing temperature rise too high, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check. Bearings of rolling element and raceway surface crack, scratch or damage, the bearing clearance is too large, the inner ring on the shaft rotation, etc. This phenomenon, must update the bearings.
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