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Gas hair unit power station transport services

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-29
Gas station confirmed delivery service consulting shengan gas power generator manufacturers. Our company set up several dozens years, successively in gansu, shaanxi, chongqing, yunnan, guizhou and other gas power stations across the country with independent, professional management team and experienced technical staff of 200 people, highly educated, high technology, high quality talent team constructed the green ring impetus for development. Transport service requirements 1, gas generator set of basic data management are: gas generating equipment stand-books of, the running records, maintenance records, maintenance record, lubrication, etc. 2, gas power generation equipment running records must fill in the date, overhaul after the operation time, operation time, the cumulative total run time, maintain the total run time, gas power generation equipment status, operation, after the gas power generation equipment for maintenance, gas power generation equipment in status column indicate the maintenance level. 3, gas power generation equipment maintenance records, detailed record of the time of gas power generation equipment maintenance, maintenance personnel, maintenance and other related contents. 4, gas power generation equipment maintenance records, to the gas generating equipment overhaul maintenance, fill in content of gas power generation equipment maintenance, replacement model, etc. 5, gas generator sets lubrication records, detailed record number add oil change time, personnel, etc. 6, material consumption, detailed record the gas power generation equipment in the daily maintenance of consumption in the process of material number, specification, etc. 7, gas power generation equipment inspection records, detailed record of gas power generation equipment problems, improvement. Gas generating equipment 8, to establish the gas generator set of operating procedures and maintenance system, and ensure the operating personnel. 9, in strict accordance with the maintenance procedures, completes the gas power generation equipment cleaning, lubrication, fastening, adjustment, corrosion protection work. 10, to comply with the requirements of the gas generator operation, ensure the reasonable operation parameters, put an end to overtemperature and overpressure, overspeed and overload operation. 11, long-term outage during shutdown for maintenance, according to the requirement and make relevant maintenance records. 12, gas generator set maintenance and repair must implement the prevention, the principle of maintenance and periodical maintenance. Perform routine maintenance combined with periodical maintenance, regular monitoring, according to the need to repair the preventive maintenance policies. 13, personal, qualitative and quantitative of compressor and pump all lubricating points in a timely manner to add grease ( Oil) , inspection found in grease ( Oil) Bad, should be replaced in a timely manner. 14, the new machine pump change oil once a month, three months after filling (according to consumption level Half of the oil window - 3/4) And make record, Pump, time and dosage) 。 Gas stations cover transport services is looking for a new shengan power, the company stick to sincerity, innovation, value management concept, professional build national brand gas generator. This paper released by gas power generation of editing, reproduced please specify, offenders will investigate!
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