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Gas power generation investment economic efficiency analysis

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-29
Gas power generation investment prospects

gas though is a terrible killer of mine, but it is also a very clean energy, can bring substantial profits. Gas into renewable energy will first need to mine gas mining equipment, mine gas generating set in the gas processing equipment, gas engine and combined thermal power plants.

mine gas power generation has the remarkable characteristics of safety, environmental protection, energy saving, economic and social benefits are remarkable, to a certain extent, improve the energy structure, implementation to use andpromote extraction, extraction and virtuous cycle development of coal mine safety. Shengan gas power generating sets can establish a power station near the drainage station, implement on-site power generation, local use, excess Internet mode, alleviate regional power shortages, improve the production efficiency of coal mining enterprises.

new shengan gas generator power map

gas power generation can achieve better investment profit gas power plant investment:

3000 - 4000 RMB/KW. Unit to ensure continuous operation power 400 kw, the running time of up to 300 days or more;

a gas in gas generator set generation: 3 million KWH ( Consumption of pure gas 1 million cubic meters per year) ;

a gas in gas generator benefits: 1. 2 million yuan, Price according to 0. 4 yuan/KWh meter) ;

the gas generator in operation cost including gas engine oil consumption, personnel salary, equipment maintenance, equipment depreciation, cost at 0. About 10 yuan/kWh.

a gas in gas generator set running cost cost = 0. 10 yuan/kWh× 3 million kWh = 300000

a gas gas generating set annual revenue: year income = - generating revenue Annual total cost = - $1. 2 million $300000 = $900000

gas power plant heat efficiency

gas stations can also be the cogeneration system, can provide life with hot water for coal mine, thus to realize the comprehensive utilization of gas. A gf1-500 3 rw gas generator set, exhaust smoke temperature is 500 ℃ or so, through the flue gas waste heat boiler, absorb smoke waste heat, 1 units can produce 354. 5 kg/h pressure is zero. 4 mpa saturated steam ( The saturated temperature 133 ℃) 。

waste heat boiler heat efficiency:

power station running time according to the 300 - day year, steam calculated at 70 yuan per ton. A gas in gas generator set can produce steam = 354. 5kg/× 24h× 300 days. Exhaust gas residual heat efficiency is: 2500 t & times; RMB 70 / t≈ 17. 50000 yuan.

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