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Gas power generation technology is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-29
Gas power generation technology is introduced: the coalbed methane in coal mine is called coal gas. According to the result of the new resource evaluation, land of coalbed methane resources in our country 36. 8 trillion cubic meters, as the conventional natural gas resources on land ( 38 trillion cubic meters) Rather, next only to Russia and Canada. Coalbed methane main composition is methane, methane concentration in the air reaches 5% 16%, meet flame would explode, this is the root cause of coal mine gas explosion. Don't take advantage of coalbed methane (CBM), the direct emissions into the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect is about 21 times of carbon dioxide. Coal mine gas power generation, can effectively solve the coal mine gas accident, improve coal mine safety production conditions, and is conducive to increase clean energy supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to protect life, protect resources, protect the environment of multiple targets. For new shengan dynamic production of the gas generator set below image: gas generator set image points and high concentration of gas and coal gas of low concentration gas, high concentration of gas is gas, the gas concentration is greater than 25% of the low concentration gas is gas concentration less than 25% of the gas. More than 60% of the gas in our country is low concentration gas containing methane below 25%, according to the requirements of coal mine safety regulation, gas concentration below 25% will not be able to store and transport, not to mention using. Low concentration gas power generation needs to solve two problems, one is the coal mine itself is not the same, and change all the time, it is difficult for the traditional generator constant should change; The second is the safety of the low concentration gas transportation problem. Low concentration gas generator set adopts the technology of the electronic control gas mixer, can automatically control the air-fuel ratio, so as to adapt to changes in the concentrations of the gas at the same time, the low concentration gas safety transmission technology, USES the water mist technology, solved the problems of the ground of the low concentration gas safety transportation. A week academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: low concentration gas generator set, suitable for the characteristics of small mines in our country, is one of the key of crack of coal mine gas situation. Since 2004, the new shengan power began to water mist conveying gas drainage and power generation technology development research and in the second year of the trial is successful, the low concentration gas power generation technology got rapid development. Currently installed capacity reached 43. 50000 KW, can generate 26 every year. 100 million KW· 8 H, the use of gas. 700 million cubic meters. New coal mine safety regulation on concentration of less than 30% of the gas used in internal combustion engine generator made clear rules, 'discipline' : item 5 of article 148 of the extraction of gas concentration is lower than 30%, shall not be used as fuel gas combustion directly; When used for internal combustion engine power generation or for other purposes, the use of gas, delivery must be according to the provisions of the relevant standards, and establish safety technical measures. It provides institutional guarantee for low concentration gas power generation. And more than 60% of the gas in coal mines is the low concentration gas, this is to protect low concentration gas power generation of gas source in China. With the constant improvement of low concentration gas power generation technology, low concentration coal-bed methane power generation industry there will be a benign development scale, will produce more and more economic benefit and social benefit. Edit this paragraph gas generating basic requirements first, according to the requirement of the national coal mine safety management department installed gas drainage system, and the gas drainage system shall be run normally; Second pure gas drainage, gas drainage system's capacity about 1 million m3 / year, the gas concentration in 6 - 25%. To these two conditions can have the basis of the construction of gas station, if the construction of the gas power stations can be implemented in order to use andpromote extraction, extraction and virtuous cycle development of coal mine safety. New shengan power production of 500 kw low concentration gas generator set images: 500 kw low concentration gas generator set
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