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Generating set basic structure

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-02
Engine parts: inlet, power and power output, circulation, lubrication, and control. A, 1, naturally aspirated air inlet: the piston movement naturally aspirated. Scope of application, single cylinder machine and most of the gas machine 2, turbocharged: use of flue gas turbine to increase the volume, forced air intake. Scope of application: most of the diesel generator set and part of gasoline engine. 3, turbocharged inter-cooled: air inter-cooled turbocharged. Scope of application: large diesel engine, 500 kw gas machine ( Open) Second, the cylinder power and power output 1, four stroke: suction stroke, compression stroke, power stroke and exhaust stroke. The camshaft mechanical control. 2, burning method: diesel engine combustion pressure 14:1, gas machine and spark plug 12:13 and single cylinder gasoline engine power, the greater the speed is lower, that is to say, is inversely proportional to the torque and rotational speed. 4, power output, the crankshaft connecting plate. Three, circulation way 1, closed cycle, with water tank radiator. Main cooling cylinder head of airframe and engine oil, circulating water cooling after first through the oil cooler again into the fuselage and cylinder head. 2, open cycle: plate heat exchanger, cryogenic tank, heat sink, circulating pump, water tank radiator. High temperature water to cool the body and cylinder head, cold water to cool air cold and oil cooler. 3, circulating water to add softened water, to add antifreeze in winter. Four, lubrication method 1, lubrication mode mainly pressure lubrication and splash lubrication. Oil machine pumps, crankshaft, gear rotation. 2, oil pressure, 2 & ndash; 8 kg. 5, 1, 12 v190 type control system, 400 kw and 500 kw unit adopts the Woodward control system of the company. 2, ignition control: ignition wheel & rarr; Sensors & rarr; Ignition & rarr; Ignition coil & rarr; High tension line & rarr; The spark plug. Small units is battery ignition; 12 v135 and above are using magneto ignition, pure entrance, lifetime warranty. 3, speed control: the flywheel & rarr; Sensors & rarr; Control module & rarr; The controller & rarr; Actuator & rarr; Mixer phase compound excitation brushless generator part/IP23 unit/in three phase four wire system mainly use eng, 400 kw and 500 kw of the main use of Siemens. Unit: 1, first check: circulating water, oil, gas path. 2, open the pneumatic switch, turn on the battery key ( Open the solenoid valve switch, speed control switch in the idle state) Press the start switch. 3, unit, the idle work first, wait until the water temperature and oil temperature is high, about 45 degrees or so. Dial the speed switch to rated speed. Unit 4, according to the rated speed running a few minutes, close the generator output high voltage switch. Normal power generation units. Unit maintenance: 300 hours, the replacement of an engine oil, replace the air filter oil filter on a monthly basis. No need for a long time every once in a while start time, running for half an hour at a time.
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