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Generator set using the waste heat power generation can improve energy efficiency

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-07
Diesel generator set of form a complete set of diesel engine is less than 40% of chemical energy into electricity, there are more than 30% of the energy is in the cylinder cooling water through the cooling fan sends out into the air, and about 30% of the energy of emissions into the air. Tries to use the following two parts waste heat, can improve energy utilization efficiency, to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, meet the special needs of different users. A, diesel generating sets cylinder liner of waste heat utilization system with cylinder liner of waste heat utilization can increase the fuel efficiency theory to around 70%. Cylinder liner heat recycling units by using two sets of cooling system ( Also known as binary units) , is a set of the original water cooling tank, the other is a reconstruction of heat exchanger, two sets of cooling system by the control system according to the operation of the switch unit. When need heating or hot water through the heat exchanger heat transfer of cylinder liner in the inland waters to take advantage of external circulation water. Control system of the company independent research and development, the realization of two kinds of cooling mode switch, is alarm for generator set, engine, generator protection. Second, the exhaust waste heat utilization exhaust gas residual heat of unit using biogas generator unit can increase fuel efficiency theory to around 90%. Exhaust gas residual heat utilization unit is on the basis of the dual cycle unit equipped with a heat exchanger, the heat exchanger is the function of the exhaust heat from the transmission to the external circulation water. Circulation system in the heat exchanger in cooling water in the cylinder liner of heat and waste heat from the passing through two different heat exchanger to the external circulating water. Basic principle of control system with dual cycle unit, also have reliable protection for diesel engine.
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