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How to biogas generator oil change

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-21
Biogas generator set is a new type of power generation device, has been hailed as a sunrise industry, attracted much attention in recent years and development. In terms of the unit itself, has a complex structure. Today to discuss a seemingly simple yet complicated question & ndash; How to biogas generator oil change? First of all, do not use hand to touch the oil, it is very hot, be careful body injury. When the engine at operating temperature, to put the used motor oil. The process to use large enough container, to prevent oil spill. Second, the biogas generator set every oil change at the same time, the oil filter should also change, and then to top up the oil. Add oil cannot exceed high capacity, to prevent damage to the machine. , let the machine run for about 10 seconds, if there is no higher oil pressure, immediately turn off the engine. Then check that the oil pressure, see if there is a leak. Know the obstacles, the unit normal use. These three points is the oil change often appear problem, so be very seriously, cannot careless.
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