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How to control the noise of gas generator set

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-21
How to control the noise of the gas generator set gas generating set is a kind of by burning diesel, the heat into electricity a spontaneous electric device. Due to good power performance, use effect and use range is very wide also. For a long time, concern for the industry. For power equipment is a kind of every industry can use equipment. Fashionable whole world natural gas generator set, is a worldwide brand. But gas generating set at run time is can produce noise. The noise of the gas generator set can control? The noise of the gas generator set is composed of a variety of sound source complex sound source. According to the way of noise radiation, it can be divided into the air dynamic noise, surface radiation and electromagnetic noise. According to the reasons, the diesel engine surface noise can be divided into combustion noise and mechanical noise again. One of the aerodynamic noise is the main noise source. In general, noise control, there are two ways that is commonly used in natural gas generator set on add static speakers. Static speakers, it is to point to in the metal of the casing installation quality mute cotton, mute the cotton itself is concave and convex, facilitate sound-absorbing. Plus static speakers itself, the thickness of the metal, the noise can be very good absorption, this is a method of natural gas generator set control noise. This method is lower than the cost of the silencer, the effect is good. More content, gas generating set at https://www. xsapower。 com/
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