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How to reduce the diesel generating set exhaust pollution

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-01
Diesel generator engine exhaust include: one, the black smoke, 烟灰) : let a person feel nausea, ugly, and thought that fire. Metaphor as lane edge of weeds. Second, the carbon monoxide ( CO) : colorless, tasteless, will from the human body into the body and the breath, rapid hinder the oxygen in the blood, in the environment of the 800 PPM work 2 ~ 3 hours will make people dizzy or cramps or death. Metaphors such as broken bridge in the lanes. Three, hydrocarbons ( HC) : hydrocarbon ( Alkane, alkene, alkyne CnH2n + 2, CnH2n - 2) , it will react with O, NO, or O3 for benzene, biphenyl as carcinogens cause lung cancer, liver cancer. ( C6H6、C12H10) Stimulate an eye, make the person tears, runny nose. Metaphors such as big hole in the lane. Four, nitrogen oxides ( 氮氧化物) : the content of NO2 and O3 reduction reaction, O3 can cause pneumonia, combined with the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can form acid rain. An anesthetic cranial nerve function, N2O is laughing gas, can cause alzheimer's disease. Compared to no neutral line in two-way lanes. Five, the sulfur oxides ( SOx) : a collapsing houses, trees, corrosion caused by acid rain and so on. The epa has agreed to by the oil to control air pollution place bald sulfur. Six, suspended particles ( PM) : than black smoke particles is small, light, it is difficult to see the fly ash to the naked eye, if combined with other toxic gases, attached to the body skin after can cause inflammation of the skin. Above is a bigger gas impact on human, the toxic gases at the same time also produces chemical smell let a person experience. How to improve the pollution of diesel engine generator set above? Diesel engine fuel to produce mechanical energy is used to replace artificial force played a device, so the method can improve the pollutants by from oil to improve the combustion process exhaust does not produce pollution, or to other non-polluting fuels to mechanical energy conversion. Not common in research and development of new information, general engine fuel of fuel combustion in water, with solar energy is converted to mechanical energy, has developed successful commercialization have wind as a power generator engine, using power battery as a power engine, because limited to a certain type of reference, so not convenient to apply, the large capacity of research and development of engine has been close to the success of nuclear fusion power materials. We all know that nuclear energy took power generation will respectively to human beings caused great social danger, but at present, such as Germany, the five countries are developing closer to the success of nuclear fusion technology, test run, the commissioning heat furnace, melting, but it is sure that nuclear energy can to melt nuclear heat generated by the kinetic energy is greater than the nuclear respectively thermal kinetic energy, believes that the science will be one of the world's future, effective and economic power environmental protection scientific and technological inventions. In a perfect environmental protection technology not born before the general circulation, we can also use the existing diesel engine exhaust put forward effective practical science and technology of the report. Diesel generator engine for countries to exhaust air pollution emissions regulations and implement improvement from refined fuels and the engine's fuel injection combustion system improvement, diesel engine from mechanical injection system, oil pressure type fuel injection system, electronic fuel injection system, now the advanced fuel injection system with microcomputer injection system and the whole computer injection system, microcomputer fuel injection system of engine starting moment or have a short black smoke emission, but won't discharge 3 seconds or so, but poisonous gas after several tests, within a CO has environmental regulations in Taiwan, but HC, NOx, or failed to reach regulation standard, almost see Italy IVECO new has been finished a few engine type, try starting moment at the time of black smoke no load to full load and the load actually even don't see a cigarette, but has yet to test their toxic gas emissions. From the above information can prove that in today's environmental protection consciousness up, the world is hard for diesel engines to improve pollution emissions.
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