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How to speed diesel generator set

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-07
Diesel generating sets how speed: if the diesel engine concept to simplify, can think of it as the following mode: in a relatively closed within the cylinder, the right amount of diesel and a certain amount of air mixing, and then after the compression to the ignition temperature ( Principle of refrigerator, air conditioner, compression temperature) Explosion, expansion, mixture to push the piston to move forward, doing work by connecting rod will again the linear motion of the piston into rotary motion, Sewing machines) And further form the working state of the cycle, continue to drive the external load. In the process, if mixing ratio appropriate, diesel oil, gas and heat generated is much, forces the pistons to the greater the power, in certain cases, external resistance mechanism motion will become more and more fast; When an external load under the condition of less and smaller resistance, also have the same effect. On the other hand, the versa ( On the downhill cart) 。 And if the mixing ratio is improper, will produce insufficient combustion or situation that is not reliable lighting. So modern diesel engine around the above process, a lot of improvement work: around the former, namely improve control accuracy and system response speed, so as to satisfy the stability of rotating speed and quickening the response of the load of the request. In the light of the problem of mixing ratio, in addition to taking turbo charging technology, and increase the detection of air-fuel ratio changes in the closed loop control circuit, bidirectional control the oil and gas input, improve the indexes of economy and emissions. By simplifying the diesel engine concept, we can know: the speed control of diesel engine can - through two channels - - - Changes in load or change - fuel quantity - - - With bad air-fuel ratio, of course, also can make the speed change, but that's not the right topic we discuss this time. Diesel engine should be the service of uncontrolled load, so we say speed can only through regulating the oil amount. Below for the new shengan power production of diesel generating sets images: diesel generating set picture
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