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In different stages of the biogas power generation requirements

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-20
When using biogas generator set power by several stages need to focus on, to focus on the following aspects: ( 1) Biogas desulfurization and voltage regulator, explosion-proof device: biogas containing a small amount of H2S, has strong corrosion of the gas on the engine, so for the use of biogas engine must first after desulfurization device. Biogas as the fuel gas, the flow control is based on the pressure difference, in order to make the adjustment accurately, when you should make sure to enter the engine pressure stable, so the need to install on the road in the methane gas inlet pipe voltage stabilizer. In addition, in order to prevent the intake pipe caused by tempering biogas pipeline exploded, must be placed on the gas supply pipe tempering prevention and explosion protection. ( 2) Air intake system: on the inlet manifold, need to add a methane air mixer, to adjust the air-fuel ratio and the mixture into gas, the mixer should regulate the accurate and sensitive. ( 3) Engine: biogas burning speed is slow, if the engine combustion process within the organization, can affect the operating life of the engine, so have higher request for biogas engine. ( 4) Speed control system: biogas engine is running situation and generators for electrical equipment for load operation, loading and unloading of electrical equipment can make biogas engine load fluctuations, to ensure normal power generator, the biogas engine speed regulation system is necessary. In view of the rural straw biogas power generation and broad prospects for development, our company according to market demand to develop different specifications of the biogas generator set series products. Shengan biogas power generator set
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