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In terms of the gas generator set and use it

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-21
In terms of the gas generator set and use: the waste heat of gas generator set, gas generator starts, should pay close attention to the oil pressure gauge, when the index of the oil pressure is greater than zero. 5 mpa, can increase to the rated speed, and then enter the part load operation. For natural gas generator set water temperature higher than 70 degrees, the oil temperature is higher than 45 degrees, the engine oil pressure is higher than 0. 245 mpa to natural gas generating sets are allowed to enter the full load regulated. In terms of the gas generator set, a new natural gas generator set, before the formal use of 60 h break-in, may be used in full load, in order to improve the working condition of gas generator set all the moving parts, improve the operation reliability and service life of gas generator set, gas generator set during the running-in load with 50-80% advisable. Whenever change the cylinder liner, piston, piston rings, connecting rod bearing shell and crank should also be conducted in accordance with the working condition of the running-in short-term bond. Also should pay attention to during running-in and don't make gas generator set of long time running at idle speed condition.
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