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In terms of the generating set

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-02
1, the principle of running in new crew before put into operation, must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of diesel generator set use manual technology, make moving parts surface more bright and clean, prolong the service life of diesel engine. For long-term parking unit, before putting into operation, should be to get up to speed. Units in the running-in period, in order to ensure the break-in quality, should follow the load gradually increase, the speed increase gradually, the principle of lubricating oil from thin to thick to get up to speed. Unit during running-in should avoid as far as possible to launch the pilot time under light load and low load operation, otherwise will not only increases the oil consumption and oil/diesel exhaust pipe leak, will also lead to carbon deposit on the piston and piston ring groove, dilute the oil fuel combustion is not clear. So in engine low carrying rows, not more than 10 min running time, as the standby generator is to be full load run 4 hours at least a year, net to burn engine and exhaust system of carbon deposit, otherwise will affect the life of the moving parts, and quality of diesel engine, thereby causing serious consequences. 2, method of generating set in step ( 1) Idle idle running in generating set, carefully investigated according to the former, all aspects are very normal, after can start the machine. The unit starts, adjust speed to idle, running for 10 minutes. And check the oil pressure, listen to the diesel engine running noise, and then stop. ( 2) Open the side cover plate cylinder, touch the temperature of the place such as main bearing and connecting rod bearing, requirements should not be higher than 80 ℃, which is not too hot as normal, and observe the workings of the various parts. If after each part temperature and structure of all normal, according to the following specification to continue to get up to speed again. ( 3) The engine speed by the idle speed rise gradually to the rated speed, the increasing speed of 200 r/min, but under every kind of speed should be run continuously 2 min, high - speed running time should be no more than 5 10min。 During the running-in, cooling water temperature should be kept in the 75 - Should not be higher than 80 ℃, the oil temperature 90 ℃. ( 4) Add load to get up to speed, we must to set various aspects all normal, load comply with technical requirements as the prerequisite. Under the rated speed and load, load is increased gradually. First of all to 25% of the rated load running-in; With 50% of the rated load running-in; 80% of the rated load. Engine during running-in, once every 4 hours and check machine oil, oil change, oil sump cleaning and oil filter. ( 5) Check main bearing nut, nut connecting rod, cylinder head nuts, fuel injection pump and injector bolt tightening situation; Check valve clearance, if necessary, shall be calibrated. 3, the generating set shall meet the technical requirements after running-in unit should be trouble-free start quickly; - unit within the rated load, stable running, uniform speed all phenomena, no abnormal sound; - when the load change sharply, diesel engine speed stability quickly. Fast without speed, not beating. Slow running, no shortage of cylinder. And different load transition should be smooth, exhaust smoke color normal; - cooling water temperature is normal, the oil pressure load in conformity with the provisions, the lubrication parts temperature normal; - no oil leaking in the unit, such as water, air, and the leakage phenomenon.
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