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Installation and use of natural gas generator set

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-27
Natural gas inflammable and explosive gas generator safety guidelines, a slight negligence, it is possible to disaster. Machine exhaust system and gas temperature is very high, but also potential dangers. Therefore, the use of natural gas generator set, must pay more attention to safety. Except to abide by the following several aspects, please user according to the specific situation, gas generating set manufacturer to develop safety operational procedures, and strictly abide by it. About the factory requirements: 1. 1 room should according to 'code for fire protection design of buildings ( TJ16 74) Explosion-proof requirements of design. 1. 2 rooms and preparation should be separated, may not be directly connected. 1. 3 big flow of exhaust device are installed in engine room. 1. 4 the ground as far as possible not cooking. Equipment: 2. 1 factory in general should be explosion-proof electrical facilities. 2. 2 gas pipeline should use seamless steel pipe, tube wall can't be too thin, to joint sealing is reliable. 2. 3 in the gas pipeline into the factory, set up an emergency valve, in case of an emergency occurs in the workshop, can quickly cut off the gas source, the valve should be near the preparation. 2. 4 on the down side, but also put in a electric emergency stop valve, when the gas machine malfunction, immediately cut off the gas source. 2. 5 to set up the gas concentration alarm in the plant, but factory setting diagonal 2 2. The exhaust fumes machine 6 gas respirator, mixed with combustible gas, will waste gas discharge with the pipe outside. 2. 7 equipped with fire-fighting equipment. 2. 8 to outdoor exhaust piping by machine, the machine close horizontal section should be slightly downward sloping, in lower should be equipped with water drain valve, discharge piping within the condensed water on a regular basis. 2. 9 water drain valve should be set up at the bottom of the silencer, water on a regular basis.
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