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Introduction to biomass power generation technology

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-30
Can have energy power, also called straw gas power generation, is based on crops such as cotton, wheat, corn straw and agriculture and forestry waste ( Such as bark) As a raw material, through the special power equipment ( Steam turbine generator or biomass gas generator set, To produce green power, power energy conversion is: in the process of biomass chemical energy into mechanical energy, and then converted to electricity, use of biomass power generation not only can increase the proportion of clean energy, improve the environment, still can increase farmers' income, narrow the gap between urban and rural, is of great significance. 600 kw biomass wastes of agriculture and forestry in our country large-scale gas generator is still in its infancy, biomass power generation technology is not mature and high cost of project cost is high, the investment large operation become the important factor of restricting its development. Although the national electricity price preferential policies for biomass power generation, but profitability as conventional thermal power. Abroad, represented by efficient direct combustion power generation of biomass power generation technology is mature, Denmark was the first to research and development of agriculture, forestry and efficient direct combustion biomass power generation technology by the UN as a key promotion project. Mainly concentrated in agriculture and forestry biomass power generation technology in developed countries, China, India, Brazil and southeast Asia and other developing countries are also actively research and development and the introduction of technical construction related power projects. At present in our country are mainly concentrated in biomass power generation, hebei, shanxi, northeast three provinces, henan, hubei, project results which built the most outstanding is: shandong, anhui, hebei, hubei. From biomass power generation technology in general can be divided into direct combustion power generation and gasification power generation: direct combustion biomass power generation refers to the crop straw and wood waste as raw material, simple processing, and then to the boiler, biomass power generation after full combustion to produce steam driving turbine to generate electricity. The ash after burning powder can be processed into potash returned to the field, the process will be industrial chain of agriculture originally open loop into recycled closed-loop chain, is completely into the ecological economy. Biomass gasification power generation is to use the gasifier combustible gas, biomass can be converted to after dust, coke and other purification steps, then through the internal combustion engine or gas turbine to generate electricity. The whole process generally includes three aspects: the biomass gasification. Gas purification; Gas to generate electricity. Because gasification power generation can solve the effective kind of renewable energy use, and can solve the problem of environmental pollution of organic waste, so that the technology is more and more research and application. Biomass gasifier because our country has abundant biomass resources, combined with the Chinese government on biomass energy utilization is extremely seriously, has been in the heart of the four national five-year plan biomass utilization technology as a key scientific research project, looking forward to the future, biomass power generation industry in China will gradually perfect and promising prospects.
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