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Introduction to the new shengan gas generator set

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-26
Gas generator set is a kind of using coal as raw materials, water gas by gas producer, supply gas as fuel engine, powered by gas engine, drive the generator mechanical power generation equipment. Gas generator set by the producer gas generator, cyclone, cooling water tank, fine filter, gas mixer, the gas engine cycle pool, gas engine, gearbox, steam generator, generator and power control panel. Green ring series 190, coke oven gas generator set is aimed at the characteristics of coke oven gas ( The hydrogen content is higher) To develop a new type of green environmental protection. Unit adopts gas recirculation air intake system, ignition system and electronic governor imported, imported computerized ignition module. Unit good solved the high hydrogen content to engine tempering tended to shooting and gun combustion, so as to ensure the gas engine power performance, economy, safety and reliability. In the early period of the machine, complete, coke oven gas processing equipment ( Electric catching tar, naphthalene, compression, cooling, storage tanks, pressure regulating valve) Companies such as the procurement can be performed.

the fuel gas power station CO content is in commonly 25%, gas power generation requirements About 35%, H2 content is in commonly 6% About 10%, CH4 content is in commonly 2% About 6% and CnHm content is in commonly 0. 5% - About 3%, generally in the producer gas contains a lot of sulfur, benzene, nai, tar, water and some ash? Sulfur, benzene, nai, tar, moisture and ash, the gas engine is running, producer gas must be pretreated before entering the gas generator set. New shengan power gas generating sets are exported to Thailand, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan and other regions, the domestic use green ring gas generating set manufacturer mainly in 400 kw gas generator set and 500 kw gas generator set is given priority to, can achieve more than 3 mw weaver. Welcome customers to visit our factory have intention to, may our service can provide convenience for you. This article released by new shengan power gas generator set department editor, to reprint please indicate the offenders.
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