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Low concentration gas generator water mist conveying system is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-23
Low concentration gas generator set water mist conveying system is introduced: the purpose of application of this system is to solve the methane content in 6% ~ 25% of coal mine safety problem in the process of low concentration gas power transportation, to provide security for the low concentration gas utilization. The main purpose of this system is for transporting low concentration gas, gas internal combustion engine with a low concentration gas as main fuel, drive the generator to produce electricity. The whole conveying system don't need the original big transformation of coal mine gas drainage system, only in the original gas emptying a three-way valve can be installed in mouth. Application of this system, the gas pressure drop is small, the pressure drop is generally not more than 5 kpa. For low concentration gas generator set under the water mist device used in the conveying system: low concentration gas power transportation system picture 1 below for the new shengan power production of 500 kw low concentration gas generator set: new shengan power 500 kw low concentration gas generator set
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