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Low voltage for gas generator set economic and safe operation of the damage

by:Xinshengan     2021-01-05
1, the lamp. Voltage by 5%, a 18% drop in ordinary light illumination; Voltage drops 10%, the intensity of illumination by 35%; Voltage is reduced by 20%. The fluorescent lamp cannot be started; 2, gas generating set output is reduced. If the voltage is lower than 5%, the generator output will reduce accordingly. 3, to reduce the static and transient stability of power system. Because the voltage is reduced, accordingly to reduce the line transport capacity limit, thus reduces the stability, voltage too low voltage collapse accident may happen. 4, burned electric motor. Low voltage more than 10%, will make motor current increases, coil temperature, serious when mechanical equipment to stop running or cannot be started, and even burning motor; 5, and affect the stability of the voltage. If insufficient regional reactive power compensation, reactive deficiency is compensation, only by the voltage lower lead to reactive power gap is more and more big, the voltage is more and more low, until the collapse. 6, increase the line loss. In conveying a certain power, voltage, current increases accordingly, cause the line loss increases.
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