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Magneto gas generator is introduced

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-18
Magneto gas generator is introduced: our production of the gas generator is: gas generator, biogas generator set, gas generator set. In the face of the gas generator under the magneto introduce instructions. The output voltage is 160 ~ 180 VDC. From A to see, drive the direction of rotation is counterclockwise, drive disc rotating 3 laps engine work to complete A full cycle ( Turn the crankshaft (2) That it with the crankshaft speed ratio is 1. 5-1. After the spark plug pressure up to tens of thousands of volts. By the generator gas ignition coil, ignition coil primary winding and secondary winding, equivalent to the role of the transformer, low voltage DianZhuan magneto can be sent into high voltage. This machine is used in the ignition coil high output voltage is 40000 v. To ensure good contact, the connection is positive and negative level wire, nut and tighten. Below for the new shengan power gas generator image: new shengan dynamic picture 1 gas generator
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