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Methane gas origin and development

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-30
One, the origin of biogas when people go to the pond, often find many small bubbles from the bottom up, if these small bubbles are collected, with fire, it will burn. Because at the beginning of the combustible gas is found that the swamp, it is called a biogas. Because the biogas is biomass under anaerobic conditions of gas produced, therefore, also known as the biogas. Biogas divided into two categories: natural methane and artificial marsh gas. Natural gas is under the condition of natural environment, the organic matter was produced by microbial anaerobic decomposition, is spontaneous anaerobic fermentation product. Artificial biogas is in creating artificial anaerobic microorganisms need nutrition conditions and environmental conditions, in particular device, the accumulation of high concentrations of anaerobic microorganisms, decomposition of the biogas fermentation preparation good organic matter and a wide distribution in nature, not only in the ponds, and many other places, like a swamp, fecal pit, sewer, paddy field, in the depths of the ocean, as well as the people and animals have existed in the digestive tract. , for example, bovine rumen is equivalent to a pool, and a day to eat in the feed, under the effect of the rumen microbes, to produce large amounts of gas, methane component, and hic gas escape. Anyway, biogas fermentation is the anaerobic fermentation process of common nature, as long as it is anaerobic ecosystem, the microorganism is the effect of methane, released into the atmosphere every year from these places to methane, up to 1. 3 billion tons, accounting for about 90% of the total sources of methane in the atmosphere. Natural gas is a kind of biological gas, it is ancient s underground plant and animal residues and other organic matter in anaerobic conditions, the microbial decomposition of the high grade gas fuel, which contains about 95% of the methane. In our country is the world's early discovery and use of natural gas, as early as the qin and han dynasties era of more than two thousand years ago found that the so-called gas well, and use it to boil the salt. Second, biogas development China biogas development began in the 1920 s, when most town had no electricity, making the main purpose of the biogas is used in some shops, temples of lighting. But, as a result of conditional limitation to some specific factors influencing the fermentation process is only conceptual understanding, lack of further studies. Have a high cost due to build pool, raw material requirements are higher, and the limitation of social conditions, this gas pool development. In the late 1960 s to 70 s, the Chinese biogas cause the second wave, many provinces and cities across the country have built the pool, the purpose is to solve the rural cooking can use. But because there is no new progress on technology, lack of correct technical management, a small number of stay to be able to use the biogas. In the late 1970 s to the middle of 80, China has carried out large-scale application in the field of biogas basis and application technology research, at the same time, introduce and digest the new research results of foreign anaerobic digestion, gradually formed the regulations and standards of the hydraulic pressure type gas pool and matching science built pool technology, fermentation technology, and form a complete set of equipment, make China's household biogas construction into the healthy and steady development stage, at the end of 2002 the national household biogas digester amounted to 10 million, livestock and poultry farms more than 1100 biogas engineering, urban sewage biogas purification pool nearly 100000 sites. Established from department to province, or county of methane management, promotion, research, quality supervision, inspection and training system. At the same time, widely carried out various forms of comprehensive utilization of biogas as link garden ecological agriculture construction, improve the efficiency, increase the vitality of its own development, promoted the agricultural production, increasing farmers' income and rural economic development. After entering the 21st century, the rural biogas construction to promote the adjustment of agricultural structure, agricultural efficiency and farmers' income and ecological construction has become an increasingly important role, has a good comprehensive benefits. Around with biogas generator set as the core, ties, biogas construction or gripper, combined with a circle of hutch, supplier, change, changed the traditional way of life of farmers; And change road, water, courtyard, the combination of changed the rural landscape. Usda rural biogas construction innovation ideas, advancing with The Times, start in January 2000, and implemented with an emphasis on comprehensive utilization of biogas construction, conform to the current agricultural and rural economic development of a new phase of ecology homeland prosperous common people plan, and according to the requirement of the development of infrastructure and ecological environment construction, scientific planning of the national rural biogas construction: new household biogas digester by 2005 11 million, the national pool amounted to more than 20 million households, make one over ten of the farmers use biogas, suitable region biogas penetration rate of 15%; To add household biogas digester 30 million households in 2010, the national pool amounted to more than 50 million households, make one 5 of the farmers use biogas, suitable area biogas penetration rate of 35%. By the implementation of planning, will effectively improve the level of using high quality energy in the countryside can, to make more than 5000 farmers clean fuel proportion of 80% or more, benefiting more than 200 million people; Improve the quality of rural life, reduce the infectious disease, reduce farmers, especially the rural women's household labor intensity; Protect forest land more than 7000 ten thousand mu, improve cultivated land more than 4000 ten thousand mu, ten thousand years of animal manure handling more than 2000 tons, improve rural sanitation; Increase farmers' income, fuel and fertilizer efficiency can make only worth years' income directly save 300 yuan of above. To promote the implementation of ecological, make benefit farmers gain more interest, make rural situation gets a bigger change.
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