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Method of diagnosis of diesel engine fuel injector failure

by:Xinshengan     2020-12-29
Types have a lot of generator set, diesel generating sets, gas generating set, etc. , the new shengan motivation, as a company specializing in the production of diesel generating sets of fault handling of the machine has a profound experience and perfect measures. Users in the use of biogas generator set will encounter some difficulties in the process, but due to the lack of professional knowledge, the user may be in the process of the use of biogas generator set some fault. 1, the biogas generator set is not injection. First, check whether the fuel is used, the fuel tank switch is on, whether there is air oil, filter or low pressure oil pipe blockage. Inspection as long as the low pressure hose connector apart near the high pressure oil pump, if there is oil overflow pipe, shows that oil tank, fuel tank switch is open, filter and piping not blocked; If spilled oil have bubbles, couldn't spray the oil is the main reason of the oil with air. Second, check whether the fuel injection pump spring break. First, to be precise, unscrew the nozzle adjusting nut to 1 and a half circle, such as still couldn't spray the oil, is the oil pump problem. Check the oil pump, the high pressure oil pipe to be removed, with their thumb pressure oil return valve tightly on the seat of the nozzle, to shake the crankshaft by injection method, such as oil pressure is very big, the thumb is hard to pin, that oil pump in good condition; If the oil pressure is not big, that heavily damaged oil pump matching parts; If oil jacking force is small or with a screwdriver jacking pump feet feel very light, it can be concluded that oil pump is spring break. 2, oil mist is bulky. Try adjusting the nozzle nut, see things can improve oil mist. If you can't improve, nozzle is working with oil pump wear or two spring has a problem. This diagnosis, as long as the oil pump feet turn to leave the position of the CAM shaft work, let go of the accelerator, foot pressure pump with a screwdriver. If feel screwdriver jacking rebound is not big, and uneven, can conclude that spring break; If the elasticity is very big, but the oil pressure is small, what a badly worn; If the situation is good, the problem is out on the nozzle. When the nozzle adjusting nut spin precession,, the phenomenon of the moment is very loose is very tight, can conclude that is spring nozzle work has a problem. When the pump pressure is normal, the adjustment of injection pressure for many times, it is difficult to make oil atomization improvement, can be concluded that diesel injector is wear. When the nozzle work, with an appropriate degree of the wire from the adjusting nut center hole to insert the nozzle body, the upper hand down the wire, and no power when in injection, nozzle head burned to death. 3, injection shot. When injection partial shooting, as long as the concentration check nozzle needle valve couple for wear and carbon deposition, can solve the problem. 4, oil spray droplets. The tight, and the oil valve spring to be removed, with their thumb and positive pressure valve, open the throttle, turn the crankshaft, if you feel there is a big power to thumb when oil jacking, shows that the oil valve couple good; If feel the jacking force is not big, jacking height is small, what pieces of wear and tear; If the top LiWei small, diesel spewed from seal cone into mist, and that I have serious wear and tear. In addition, you can adjust the injection pressure method, eliminate partial close range or remote fault. Biogas generator set injection failure of words should be how to diagnosis? Above shengan introduced biogas power generator fault diagnosis of fuel injection, hoping to bring help to specialized knowledge of the relative lack of user. New shengan power with its professional technology, excellent product quality to win the recognition of the international energy market, and if you are looking for the use of diesel generating sets, maintenance and repair of have any question, welcome to online consultation.
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